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We are a full service Criminal Defense law firm


The most common questions clients ask are, “Am I going to jail?” and, “How much do you charge?”. We offer a free confidential consultation to discuss how we can help resolve your current legal problems, and all of our legal fees are disclosed up front. You have enough to worry about, we make this part easy so you can get back to a normal life.


We will assist you with your jail release to ensure that the process will be easier, faster, and in many cases less expensive than using a bail bondsman. Our knowledgeable and experienced team will treat your arrest with the highest level of discretion. We are relentless when it comes to your defense, and bring that same drive and tenacity to the protection of your reputation.


An outstanding warrant or warrant for failure to appear can turn a simple traffic stop into a night in jail. The State of Texas shares criminal and court information online. Don't let a mistake in the past ruin your future. For almost 3 decades we have helped Austinites end the frustration of outstanding warrants, with outcomes that include dismissal of charges and no jail time.


Whether you are a first time offender or a repeat offender accused of a misdemeanor or felony crime, EVERYONE is entitled to justice and the preservation of their rights. We manage and defend every case to win. We are relentless and protect and defend every one of our clients's rights aggressively. We fight for you and we fight to win.

Innocent until proven guilty is the basis of our justice system.Watch Video


As criminal defense attorneys, we must find a way to relieve our clients of the burden presented by criminal charges. The key to success is hard work and knowledge of the law. The criminal justice system can be unforgiving to the uneducated. In order to defend yourself and protect your rights you need an EXPERT criminal defense attorney.


Have you lost your driver's license?

We will help you fully understand the repercussions, which may include things like the temporary loss of your license, hefty fines, and spending time in jail. We work on various types of cases, and our goal is to help minimize the charges you may be facing by coming up with a strong DUI and DWI defense.


Marijuana use is still illegal in Texas

If you are found to be in possession of marijuana, regardless of the amount or reason, and even if you have a medical marijuana prescription from another state, the State of Texas will prosecute you to the fullest extent of the law. Marijuana possession can result in large fines and being sentenced to jail.


Don't lose your freedom

Although most people convicted of a crime are eligible for and receive probation, many aspects and terms of probation are negotiable. Our firm will negotiate your probation terms to avoid those that only set you up for failure. If you have been accused of probation violation, call us. A warrant could already be issued for your arrest.


You could face both state and federal charges

Texas takes charges for possession of a controlled substance very seriously, especially when there's alleged intent to distribute. It's important you understand exactly what charges you face. Just because you have been arrested for a crime, it does not mean you are guilty. Learn your rights and options during your free consultation.


Assault charges can result in life altering convictions

We have the skills, experience and dedication to put the accusations behind you, in a manner that could clear your name and keep your record clean. Charges of assault and domestic violence are particularly malicious allegations that warrant the hiring of an experienced attorney to defend against.


If you've been accused of a theft offense, don't wait, call now

In the State of Texas, theft offenses involve robbery, burglary, and theft itself, as well as smaller forms of larceny. Whether it's a misdemeanor, or a felony constituting a crime of moral turpitude, these charges can have consequences that will effect your employment opportunities and professional associations for the rest of your life.


A criminal conviction is something that will forever change the course of your life. If you have been arrested for or accused of committing a crime, your life and freedom could very well be at stake. Over the past three years, we have obtained a dismissal or reduction in over 250 cases. While results may differ for your case, our commitment to provide an aggressive defense to each and every one of our clients never waivers.


Our qualified Austin Criminal Defense attorneys are here to help.


Most criminal cases begin with a charge for an offense, indictment by a grand jury, or arrest. Sometimes you may not be arrested, but rather just be asked to speak to the police, or have other indications that you're under investigation. If you speak with the police, you could unknowingly waive your protective rights.


Getting you out of jail and back to your life is our first goal. There are many factors that influence your release from jail, such as the seriousness of the offense, whether you have a history of failing to appear for court, or if you present a flight risk or a danger to others. Your defense begins the moment you call us.


The prosecution may offer a plea bargain, which is typically a reduced sentence or plea to a reduced charge in exchange for a guilty plea. As your attorneys, we will ensure you understand all potential convictions and sentences if you are found guilty, and will counsel you to either accept or reject the plea.


Once the case is set for the trial, negotiations for a plea may be closed. As a defendant, you are not required to testify against yourself and this right cannot be used against you. Having an attorney to advocate for you is the best way to protect your freedom and your reputation. We are experienced trial lawyers.


You have no way of knowing whether the plea bargain offered by the prosecution is in your best interest without an experienced criminal defense attorney as your shield.


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